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Kylo Run is a site about becoming a distance runner. The goal is to provide content that will help people get into the sport, improve running technique and times, recover from and prevent injury, eat right, find the right equipment, and, most importantly, enjoy the process.

Bloggers aren’t supposed to write about themselves, but I do think I should to provide some context, so I’m doing it. I am an ex-college tennis player who found myself wanting something athletic to focus on after graduating and getting an office job. I started to run during my lunch breaks or after work in the summer of 2012 and, frankly, I sucked. I could barely complete the easy 4-mile loop without stopping. Somehow, bit by bit, I stuck with it and in March of 2013, I ran my first long distance race. It was a half marathon in New Hampshire called the Eastern States 20 Mile Run for the Border Half Marathon. It was not pleasant. I huffed and puffed the whole way, had blisters on my feet due to ill-fitting shoes and socks, and I had no idea how to pace myself. I was also frozen by the finish – my idea of proper New England winter racing apparel at the time being a backwards hat (yeah… I know), tennis warm-up pants, and a cotton long-sleeve t shirt  layered over an equally inadequate cotton short-sleeve t shirt. My time wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was at a crossroads.

I know a lot of people who have this same kind of story; maybe you do too. You decide to get into running. You train for and run one or two 5Ks, a 10K, eventually a half marathon. At the finish line you think: “Jeez, the 5K was alright but that half marathon sucked,” then “No way in hell I’m doing that again.” I had the same initial reaction in New Hampshire. To my surprise, though, my next thought wasn’t “I’m never doing that again.” It was “welp, now I guess I have to do a full one… ” I’m still not entirely sure why that was my reaction (motivation will be the subject of another post), but the next day I signed up for the 2013 Rock ‘n’ Roll Montreal Marathon, having absolutely no idea what I was in for. I have been completely hooked since.